Monday, August 8, 2011


 Last Thursday, I got these in the mail. They are my first Born Pretty purchase ^___^ I was expecting it to take 2 weeks to ship, but got here sooner than I expected. They were sent out on July 29 & got them on August 4. So that's less than 1 week! Not bad for international shipping.

Here's what I got:
 50 pairs eyelashes in 5 different styles
1 pc clear glue
1 pc Eyelash applicator


#007 (I used these in this look here)




(I think they sent me the wrong one! They sent #113 instead of these, so now I have 2 of these)
See, they look the same right?

 I love the packaging on this one ;]

Other than a possible mix-up, I'm content with everything. I love the eyelashes, especially that they're very inexpensive ;]


D.Sadie said...

Great haul! Those lashes all look so pretty. I can't wait to see them on you.

Yami said...

All the lashes look so pretty! <3
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Hunter87 said...

Are the eye lashes soft or plastic?

Sofiamichelle said...

Dang that's some serious lashes! Love the styles you got. I'm going to have to grab me some. Was it $12.50 for all 50 or 12.50 each for the box of ten?

BeautyBehaved said...

those lashes are gorgeous!!!
i love the quantity
howre you liking them?

<3 BB

Teli said...

Ohhh my god girl! I fell inlove with those lashes! :p


Jazmin: They're plastic, but they don't have that shine like other plastic lashes.

Sofiamichelle: For all 50, it's $12.34 ;]

BB: I'm not sure yet, I need to try on the rest. The first one I tried on, the band was sorta hard to bend to conform to my lids, so application was kind of a challenge. But they were quite comfortable.

Noniek said...

Wow, nice haul! I really love to collect the eyelashes also :)

cominica said...

OMGOSH!! Lashes! Im so in love with lashes ♥♥♥ Great haul dear!

Eden-Avalon said...

I've purchased a mixed set of these lashes on eBay and I find them to be of fairly good quality considering they were like...a dollar plus shipping. I only wish I was better at applying them!

Mandy said...

Wow! Those eyelashes look great. I'm interested in the #010 and #113 styles! Do you like them? Are they soft?


Mandy: Surprisingly, I love the ones I've tried on so far (#007). It's hard, but they're quite comfortable.