Wednesday, August 24, 2011


This took forever to ship! I ordered it on July 27 and didn't get it until August 12. I guess it was because of the heavy orders from their anniversary sales. One of the two palettes that I ordered was damaged during shipment. Don't worry, I wasn't planning on giving a broken palette away. I emailed E.L.F. the next day and they sent me a replacement right away. It took about 3 days for the replacement to be shipped and it was in one piece ;] I think the best way to contact E.L.F. is through email.

 The broken blush got everywhere! It was easy to dust it off from the eyeshadows, but I didn't even want to bother with the lipgloss.

The top part, near the numbers, of the swatch I used Urban Decay  Primer Potion as base and no base towards the bottom. There's a slight difference.

 The broken blush, it's such a pretty color too!

They're in the same order as the palette.

I know, I know...I've mention about my next giveaway, but honestly I don't even know when it's going to begin. I'm hoping within the next week though ;] I've ordered a few things and it still has not come in. I just want everything in my possession before I begin my giveaway so I could send it off to the winner right away.


Mie said...

Sorry to hear about your palette D: thats such a shame geeze. But its good to know they quickly replaced it!

The colors are very pretty with a primer~

jax said...

I think e.l.f. has great customer service, they're usually really good about reshipping for damaged products. Looks like a great palette! A good addition to any giveaway :)

Meredith Jessica said...

That's unfortunate about the broken palette but I'm really looking forward to this giveaway!

Diana said...

wow you are so generous I can't wait for you giveaway!! ;D yeayy