Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I cleaned out my makeup drawers & tossed out old products that I don't use anymore last month. I found so many products that I haven't even touched! That's why I decided to put a halt on buying makeup products and use the ones I already have. I found so many lippies I haven't used, one of them became my current favorite. This lipstick is from E.L.F.'s Mineral Mineral Lipstick in "Rich Raspberry". They sent me this lipstick awhile back, but I haven't had the time to play with it.

E.L.F. Mineral Mineral Lipstick in "Rich Raspberry"

I really love this lipstick! It goes well with a neutral eye look. I've been using it over M·A·C Cremesheen Glass in "Deelight", which I usually use with all my lipstick. The texture of that lipgloss is amazing! I'm thinking of purchasing more of this lippie in different shades, but I could wait until they have a really huge sale on their mineral line.

Friday, June 8, 2012


Ashley Peach of cutey, a company based in the UK, contacted me a few months ago to see if I was interested in doing a Review/Giveaway of their charm bracelets. I was really excited after viewing all of their items online, because they were all too darn cute! These are the charm bracelets that I received for my review:
L-R: Typhon, Momus, Eros

*Typhon: Unpredictable, quirky and wonderful, Typhon has the brightest of colours and embraces the unexpected. Perfect for you if you’re growing, searching and discovering. There are no limits...
 I gave this one to my mom for her birthday & she loves it. She's been wearing it every time she goes out.

*Momus (Tower): Unusual, satirical and questioning, Momus represents the best in human endeavour. With an air of calm that only vintage styling can express, Momus is distinctly different. Select a bell or a tower – a joyful sound or a place of safety – as your central image. An heirloom in waiting...

I've used this one the most, it reminds me of being at the beach because of all the blue beads and the stars on it reminds me of starfishes.

*Eros: The God of Love and all that means – pinks and greens, hearts and kisses, this piece celebrates love. If you’re a man, your woman will love it. If you’re getting married, this will remind your special girls of your day. Romantic, unashamedly female and full of unmistakable romance.

This one is my favorite though, mainly because it's pink and green (my two favorite colors), it has a heart charm on it and it's the God of Love :). It's so adorable! 

What I love about the items: Their charm bracelets are named after Greek gods and goddesses, which I thought was a very clever idea. I went through each one on their website reading all the product descriptions. It was fun reading up on gods/goddesses I haven't heard of before. I love how each one are uniquely inspired by them and all the bead colors are really pretty. They are all very affordable and I was surprised that international shipping is only $2.01 (make sure you check your currency at the top of their website). And more importantly, I didn't get any skin irritation from them. I hardly wear any accessories because my skin is really sensitive to certain things. So I'm really happy I could wear this without itching like crazy.

What I don't love about the items: I was not too fond of their clasps. The first few times I needed someone to snap it into place for me. But I guess you can find your own way to maneuver it into place. Then when I unclasp it the last time I used it, all the beads fell out :( and now I'm missing a few pieces. I didn't think that would happen since they stayed in place all the other times I've used it. I found that the  piece with their logo on it is suppose to keep the beads in place and you could twist it off to add on or take off from the bracelet. I guess the one I have on mines is loose.

So if you're looking for a really unique gift to give to someone special, check out the rest of their collections at www.cutey.co.uk or click on their banner below. I saw that they also have quite a few selections of Shamballa Bracelets which I have been eying. I know I have said that I was going to do a giveaway, but unfortunately, I won't be doing one. I have already informed Ashley about not doing a giveaway, but if enough of you lovely followers are interested, maybe I'll purchase a few and still hold a giveaway. Let me know which of their bracelets you would be interested it ;]

* Description taken from cutey.