Monday, July 4, 2011

Where can I find Snow White?

Sadly, I can't find Snow White. Not the princess Snow White, but the lipstick ;[ I tried putting my order in for my giveaway and they have everything BUT Snow White. So ladies, any suggestions on what other lipstick I should include? I'll definitely try to hit up some stores to see if they have it. I'm so bummed...


D.Sadie said...

=\ I've never heard of that lippie before..

Eden-Avalon said...

@ D. Sadie, it's an NYX lipstick.

It's pretty readily available online?

Maria said...


There is a Dutch website where I can buy Snow White for € 2,50 . I suppose that's around 3/4 dollars. You should check around the internet if they sell it where you live online? Or if you are really that desperate I can help you out =)..

Anyway..thanks for the comment ^^ .. the key is patience!

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Thanks for the help ^^


Maria: Thank you so much for the offer! I think I'll try looking around drugstores that would carry them first and if anything I'll let you know ;] you're too sweet!

Anonymous said...

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TheLipJunkie said...

Besides an ULTA, Snow White's available online from Cherry Culture & NYX's website, as well as other beauty websites that sell them for discounted prices. Or if you're lucky & you find a shop that sells NYX :\

But if you're looking for a RED alternative, I think Hebe, Black Cherry, Chaos, & Femme are gorgeous reds, all diff tones too. Good luck!

EbiereG said...

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