Sunday, July 10, 2011


Hey loves,

  • We have about a week left for my NYX Round Lipstick giveaway! I'm really excited, not to mention this would be my first giveaway. Thank you all for making this first week very successful. So if you haven't entered my giveaway yet, please do! For those of you who have entered already or are planning to enter, please read my giveaway requirements carefully so you have a better chance of winning. Please make sure you have entered my banners in these pink shaded areas:
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  • I still haven't found Snow White ;[ Cherry Culture was out of stock on that lipstick, so instead I replaced it with Rea. I hope you guys don't mind, I was really bummed because it's one of my favorite red lipstick that I own. Don't worry though, I'll also be throwing in more items as it gets near the end date of this giveaway ;] Good luck ladies!!!
  • A box came in for me yesterday. Well it's not really for me, but for another GIVEAWAY!!! I'm still thinking if I should make it a really big giveaway...yeah I think I'll just wait until I have more things I could add to it for a lucky follower. Hmm...what's in the box??? Haha I'm not telling you! You guys could take a guess, but I'll be revealing the items soon.
  • While I was sleeping, I missed my 100th follower! My l00th follower was Miss. Kitten!!!
  • And last but not least, today is the 32nd month the BF & I had been together ;]
I looooooove this guy so much ♥
  • Ohhh...I almost forgot, I was also awarded one of those blog awards ;] But I'll put that on a separate blog!


BeautyBehaved said...

Im soo excited for your giveaway! I bet everything you include will be amazing!

Congrats on the over 100 followers you def deserve! & im so happy for you and your boo

<3 BB

Meredith Jessica said...

Aw, congrats on your 32 months! My BF and I are coming up on 60! Gosh it sounds like a lot when you say it like that, though I guess 5 years is a long time. That's 20% of my life so far!

Looking forward to your giveaway, I hope I win, I love those lipsticks. I'm putting together my own giveaway as we speak. Excite!

Pink Glam said...

congrats to you and the bf :) its a hard thing these days to find that special one :) im glad you found him and he makes you happy.

Kitten said...

hey thanks~ I didn't realize I was the 100th follower. You really seem to LOVE nyx products as I do too.

Congrats on you and your man's special day. love love love!

Oh and that Hello kitty is to die for, haha. More blog posts please :)


Thank you loves <3 Yes I am lucky to have him. We're trying really hard to keep our relationship together since we're doing the whole long distance thing. He's in San Diego while I'm here in Hawaii ;[

Jessy said...

congrats on getting 100~~~i rmbr i was sooo happy when i reached 100~~~i luv NYX too~~~right now my fav is cancun pink by their black lable...i luv that lipstick soo soo much~~~


Maria said...

Thanks youuu ! I'm glad you like it ^^

Congratulations on your 100th follower! I hope to get there some day xD & especially with your hubby. May love always be in this world ^^ <33

Roxiita Guzman said...

nice blog & post
:) you can find me at

& now on facebook!

hope to see you there!

Eden-Avalon said...

You can find snow white on Amazon with free shipping from the seller MsssKel. I've bought from her before (if you read my NYX haul post). She ships pretty quickly and everything got here okay.

I'm still debating whether or not to enter your giveaway because I have so many NYX lipsticks. ; w ; but I love nyx lipsticks!

Aaah! Congrats on the follower and the anni. ; w ; I wish I had 100 followers.

I want to know what's in the box!