Monday, July 11, 2011


Sorry for the lack of posts lately, just spending time with friends and family ;] Anyways, let me share with you all what I've been up to.

On Friday night, we (sister, cousin, & I) got a chance to go see Cirque Polynesia at the Hyatt in Lahaina. It was the first show for the new cast so it was free for the first 100 kamaaina (residents) to make reservations. Can't turn down free things ;] Their show runs from $75+ and I definitely wouldn't have gone to see it for that much!!! But overall, it was definitely worth the 40 min. drive from town. The show was amazing, I would totally recommend it to anyone who's willing to pay $75, definitely worth it!

 We were early, so we decided to have a few drinks & appetizer at Japengo at the Hyatt.

These lights were so pretty, they moved when the breeze comes in. Reminds me of jellyfishes.

They take us out near the golf course in this van.

Our driver, who is also one of the performers ;]

Couldn't take a good picture of that clown, but he was hilarious!

Hey, it's our driver!

Then yesterday, my family & a friend and her daughter decided to spend the day at the beach. It was a beautiful day out <3

We dug a pretty big hole, actually we were competing with the kids that were next to us lols...

This is one of the reasons why I can say I'm blessed to live here <3

My mom & Lola chillin'

Then we all had a Fat Boy Burger!


ohyouprettythings said...

Amazing and beautiful photos!! :] Looks like so much fun! :]

Meredith Jessica said...

Oh my god, I'm so jealous of where you live, it's so gorgeous!!!

Hunter87 said...

So beautiful..ur sooo lucky =)

Miss Tapia said...'s so beautiful there!

JC ♔ said...

Grrr if only I lived in Lahaina lol.

ZatZ said...

looks like you had alotta fun :)
Thanks for following back! :-D

devin olivia said...

love the photos looks like fun

Voe said...

Beautiful photos, it looks as though you had a wonderful time. I adore your blog and will definitly come back to read more of your posts! I wish all the luck in the world with it.

All the best,

che said...

Maui is gorgeous! The bf and I have been here the last 4 days and we go back to oahu today. What I'd give to live here instead, haha looking at your photos made me think how much of a wonderful time we had here.

Wifezilla Hekela said...

That looks awesome! i cant wait to get there, sucha shame i never been to Hawai'i and half my family lives there! lol

Nikki said...

I was just there this weekend too! My bf and I stayed at the hyatt fri-sat and ate dinner at japengo too lol. Delicious food :P. Wish I knew about the free show!

Kim said...

Hi, thanks for following my blog ^^
the lights are cute, yeah they look like a jellyfish cuz of the shape =D

Lisa said...

We've seen CP a few times because I work at the Hyatt. My BF works in Japengo. You guys should definitely try the Sushi the next time you guys go there. Sooo good.

Where is Fat Boy Burger located at? Sounds kinda catchy. Is it better than Teddy's Burgers?