Sunday, July 17, 2011


I've been asked what camera I use to take my photos on this blog so let me introduce you to my love, the Canon PowerShot SD750.'s not one of those really fancy professional camera like the one my bf carries around, but I'm quite happy with the quality that this camera gives me.

I’ve had my camera for about 3 years now. I bought it for $200 from Costco & now they’re selling newer models of it for like $150 o__O But honestly, I don’t think the newer models are as good as my camera. I really hate that they don't have buttons on the back of the newer cameras like mines anymore ;[ And I love how it's really easy to set the settings. And what won me over was the scratch-resistant 3in. LCD screen. It was definitely love <3. My bf actually bought me one of the newer ones in pink, but I had him return it because it's just not the same. He complains that I'm too picky.

Ok…It would work perfectly fine still if I haven’t forgotten to close the lid for my makeup brush cleanser ;[ I totally forgot to put my camera away while I was doing my makeup & the brush cleanser puddled underneath my camera. It still works, but sometimes it has a mind of its own. Sometimes it would shut off on its own with the lens still out, other times it doesn’t want to turn on, & other times it says my battery is low when I had just charged it! And sometimes it can't read my memory card...but hey, it still takes good pics lols.

Unfortunately, I have to find a replacement soon. I’m thinking about getting another Canon, but I’m still waiting for one that functions just as good. But for now, I’ll just stick to it until it totally dies out on me. I've been eying the ELPH100, but I don't like the buttons much and I can't seem to figure out the settings although most Canon cameras have awesome photo quality. We'll see...


Eden-Avalon said...

Aww~ Cameras. <3

My regular camera is my Samsung ST600 Dualview. ;D

Samual said...

Great Blog. In the beginning, you can use the dedicated portrait modes on the D3100 to turn your ordinary portraits into eye-popping portraits.

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Lisa said...

I am dying to get a new camera but the sales people are so useless sometimes :( *sigh. I'm thinking the Canon T3. And you're right, Canon's have phenomenal quality! If not the T3, I'm definitely getting something in the Canon family for sure.

D.Sadie said...

Canon! <333 I think you can never go wrong with canons.