Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and a very fun new year. I'm sorry for the lack of posts :( my life had been in transition in the last few months and I can finally say I love where I am right now. I had to end a very unhealthy relationship and just needed some time to myself. And along the way, I met this really wonderful guy I now call my bf <3

Anyways, enough of that mushy stuff. Hopefully I'll find a way to blog since my computer died on me a few weeks before finals. My camera also finally gave up on me, but my bf just knew what to get me for Christmas. And in 12 days, I'll be having my 25th birthday!!! Since the 15th lands on a Sunday, I decided to celebrate it the day before. I'm really excited for it because I plan to do a garden dinner with a selected few instead of going out this year. *Cross fingers* I hope someone will be nice enough and get me a computer for my birthday ;] haha in my dreams. But I really do hope I find my groove to start blogging again. Toodles for now.


JoJo said...

Happy New Years! Wishing you all the best xx


Thanks hun!

chandraung562 said...

happy new years. glad you are back in the blogging world and glad you met a nice guy. this year will be so much better than the last.