Tuesday, November 13, 2012


When I was given this bracelet to review for Sparkle Jewelry by Laurie, it was definitely LOVE at first sight! It didn't have a name then, so they decided to name it Heart Kristel. How awesome is that!? My very own bracelet ;] Before I do my review, here's a little something about Sparkle Jewelry by Laurie.

About Sparkle Jewelry by Laurie

"Laurie happened upon designing and crafting jewelry serendipitously when she found and purchased a bead jewelry kit at ROSS Dress for Less. What started as a hobby has turned into a legal business entity in the state of Hawaii, with help from her sister-in-law, as of June 2012. We here at Sparkle want to make jewelry that will help you shine! Sparkle Jewelry is lovingly hand-made on Maui by Laurie. We accept custom orders here at Sparkle, excluding requests for replicas of jewelry that were made exclusively for third party retailers (e.g. bracelets for Cinnamon Girl.)" 

Laurie's online shop, Sparkle Jewelry by Laurie, carries 40 uniquely designed bracelets (pearl & flower charm) to fit your style, personality, and mood. They're great to give as gifts to your friends and family. They also have bracelets available for children. What's great about this company is that it is handmade on Maui and you could customize your order. You can request to have your bracelet designed a certain color, size, or theme at no charge. Now what other shop would let you do that?! I hate finding a bracelet that I really love only to find out that it's too small or too big. With Sparkle Jewelry, you can have your bracelet just the way you want it, just contact Laurie HERE to send her your request. The online shop also carries Cell Charms, Hair Accessories, and Earrings (coming soon). 

 This is one of my favorite, Beauty and the Beast inspired design by Laurie. The color theme is on point!

You could also check out Sparkle Jewelry's Facebook Fan Page HERE to view Laurie's amazing designs in the photo gallery. Don't forget to "like" the fan page to get updates on her new designs. And if you live on Maui, you can find these bracelets at Cinnamon Girl Whalers Village and they will be at Ben Franklin's Craft Fair this coming Sunday, November 18, 2012.

My Review

What I love about the Heart Kristel bracelet:
The color of the glass pearl beads. I LOVE pink, but I don't like things entirely pink. I love that this bracelet has a touch of white pearls to it.
The flower bead cap. On the larger white pearl bead, it has a flower shaped cap. It gives it a more elegant look.
Durability. Ok I have to be honest, I accidentally left my bracelet in the pocket of one of my shorts. I had put it in there so I could wash my hands and so that I won't ruin it. My shorts went in the wash & I found it after my laundry had already finished. To my surprise, it was still in one piece and it did not tarnish. 
Heart toggle clasp. LOVES it! Need I say more? It definitely fits the name :)
No allergic reaction. I don't really wear a lot of accessories because I get an allergic reaction to certain types of metal. But so far, no allergic reaction from this bracelet.
It is inexpensive. This bracelet in particular is $12.00, which is surprisingly a lot less than what I thought it would cost just by looking at it. It does not look cheap at all. Christmas is around the corner, so I'm hoping I could get more of these to give out as gifts.

What I don't love about the bracelet:
- Toggle clasp. It's toggle clasp is really cute, but unfortunately it takes me awhile to get my bracelet on with just one hand. I usually go more for something I could just slip on my wrist to save me the time.
- Size. When I first received it, it was a bit snug, so I had to get it re-sized. So if you plan to order, please check the size first. If you need the size readjusted, just contact Laurie and see what she could do for you. 

I'll be holding another giveaway within the next couple of weeks, which will include items from Sparkle Jewelry.
Check out Sparkle Jewelry & leave me a comment with 3 of your favorite items from the shop that you would like to see in my giveaway.


Lara Takahashi said...

Too cute :3
x, Lara

Beth said...

Love Sparkle!

Arianne Cruz said...

such a pretty bracelet! i love that it's pink!