Friday, September 2, 2011

HANA Professional 1.5" Flat Iron Review

A couple of weeks ago, Brian of contacted me to see if I was interested in doing a test and review of a flat iron they carry on their website. Since my Corioliss flat iron (which was my most favorite flat iron I ever owned) gave up on me, I've been in search for another just like it. So, I was more than happy to try out this flat iron.

You can read the full features when you visit their website.

Price: $214.99
Misikko Sale Price: $129.99
Ajustable Temp: 140-450° F
Materials: Ceramic, Tourmaline
Damp to Dry: Safe Damp Styling
Floating Plates: Self Adjust to Hair Texture
Warranty: 2 year

 This is exactly how it looked like when I opened my package. I love love love their product presentation!
I was really surprised when I got my package, because it came with more goodies than I expected.


 HANA Professional 1.5" Flat Iron

 Special Edition Tin case, Luxe Heat Proof Storage Pouch, Heat Proof Silicone Mat

 Heat Proof Pouch, Hana Shine Shield, Hand Sanitizer, Nail Files, L.A. Colors Concealer, L.A. Colors Lash Building Mascara

 Drawstring bag, Thank You Card, Sleep Mask, and some pretty potpourri flowers


When I was asked if I was interested in doing this test and review, I already had my sister in mind as a hair model (thanks sister for allowing me to make you my guinea pig!). My sister and I have different hair texture, you'll see what I mean in a bit. Her hair is wavy to curly and thick. To see if this flat iron can do what it says it could do, we decided to put it through the ultimate test: taming my sisters crazy hair.
Hair Model: My sister Roxanne

Now my hair on the other hand is straight to wavy and my hairstylist usually thins it out to give it texture. Although my hair gets a little frizzy, it  could easily be tamed with a flat iron since it's thinned out. But, I wanted to see what this flat iron could do for my hair.

**I was so excited to take some photos for my review that I totally forgot to put some heat protectant spray, which I totally recommend if you're using any hot tools**

Straight out of the shower, no product and air dried.
Used the Hana flat Iron and still no products used in hair.
See how straight and shiny it looks ^__^ even without some type of serum!

**And I also forgot to take a closeup shot of my hair before I straightened it lols. But don't worry, those photos are only days apart. My hair is really that dry when I don't do anything to it. **


Yes, yes, & yes!


I love love love this flat iron! My sister loves it as well. My sister and I have gone through so many flat irons like the Corioliss, Chi, Ceramika, and some other drugstore ones and out of those, the Corioliss flat iron had been my favorie. But I think I might have found my new favorite. Here's why:
  • My hair glides in between the plates very smoothly. This is a very important quality a straightener should have, especially when you use it to curl your hair.
  • Did I mention it could curl? I really thought it wouldn't be able to curl hair since it's a 1.5" plate, but it definitely proved me wrong. It gives really nice loose curls.
  • It makes my damaged hair look beautiful! It's not like one of those flat irons where it leaves it so dry that it's straight and very stiff. This flat iron makes my hair feel so soft and flexible.
  • I also love the fact that it's  a 1.5" plate, which makes it so much faster to straighten hair, especially when you have long hair like mines.
  • My hair stays straight, even after I had slept overnight on them, which amazed me. It usually goes back to it's natural form.
  • And last but not least, I love how there is a on/off switch and a indicator for when it's ready to use.
  • I haven't found anything that I dislike about it yet, so that must be a good sign ;]
Overall, I really do think this flat iron is a great investment and I would definitely recommend it to everyone. They also offer a 2 year warranty on all Hana appliances, which is a plus since most would only offer 1 year warranty. So visit Misikko and try it out for yourself ;] By the way, I love companies that goes above and beyond for their customers. I really love their product presentation. I was definitely surprised when I opened my package.

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BeautyBehaved said...

Awsome review hun!
I love the photos you included! You could really see a difference with you sisters hair(: it looks like it does a really good job

<3 BB
Oh & super cute packaging

Dragonfly Accessories said...

usefull review

Anonymous said...

This looks like an excellent flat iron. The various pictorial was very helpful to.

Mie said...

This is a great review! Your sister's hair looks so beautiful :) Glad to know it works.

I wonder how it works on more course african american hair. I should look up reviews.

Those are nice goodies they included ^^

Mandy said...

Flat irons are amazing. And to think, women used to use clothing irons to straighten their hair in the's amazing how far technology has come. :-)

D.Sadie (D.G.S.Beauty) said...

I want!!! This product looks amazing. =)

Dinorah ♥ said...

Omg what an awesome straightener! I love how healthy & shiny your hair looks in the before & after pic. Amazing!

BeautyBehaved said...

thanks girl i love our cmnt, we'd be such pround grandmamas ;PP
Lola is the prettiest girl chi evaaa, he'd be a lucky boy

<3 BB

PopBlush said...

Sounds like a great flat iron! Your hair looks really shiny and silky!

I use a GHD and love it! =D

Noniek said...

That flat iron looks great! Your hair looks shiny after used it.
Love it!

Kumiko Mae said...

seems like an awesome beauty tool! i am fascinated by what it can do. :D thanks for sharing! :) let's be friends!

Diana said...

Thanks for the review! it looks great! I like how your hair looks so shiny after :)

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Woah, your hair is silky smooth :D

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ChinaDoll said...

Thanks for the great review, the product really looks amazing :)

Anonymous said...

i like this review! i'm so fond of flat iron.. that is a must have! thanks for sharing another fab beauty tool!

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awesome blog !!

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Anonymous said...

you and your sister's hair is so pretty! that flat iron looks like it's great, I'll have to go try it out haha

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Lisa said...

Wow that flat iron did wonders to your hair!

SJ said...

Wow this flat iron works wonderfully on your sis's hair! gorgeous ! wana buy one of thsese!!


Belle said...

this is an amazing iron, haven't really been using heat tools for my hair, but your results prove my beliefs wrong, that irons can indeed prettify the hair, big time.. nice review sis

Sharon said...

Love the gorgeous packaging and it seems the product did its job very well

.::: Princess MOMOY :::. said...

great review.

for flat iron momoy just got only one
from philip

the packaging is so lovely