Saturday, December 29, 2012

I wish it could be Christmas all year long!

LOL, I wish! Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday and I really wouldn't mind it being Christmas every day. I love the warm feeling of Christmas, the decorations and the smell, I love love love the smell of the Christmas tree and all the Christmasy scent like cinnamon and peppermint. But most of all, I love how it brings all of my family together. I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and have a new year full of love, peace, and happiness.

Every year, we put our coins in a vase and then around late November or early December, we take it to the Coin Star machine and whatever money we make from it, we use it towards our Christmas tree. I'm not sure how much trees cost in the mainland, but here in Hawaii, it ranges from $70-$90 for a 7 ft. tree. This year we made $107.47 from our coins and our tree was about $85, so it felt like we didn't need to dig deep in our pockets for a tree. And we still had leftovers to buy more ornaments for the tree.

It seems like every year we have a different theme for our tree. I've already decided since last year that our tree was going to be country/rustic inspired. I usually buy the decorations the day after Christmas from the previous year since everything is 50-60% off, but a lot of my ornaments this year I bought at regular price. But I did score all the poinsettias from last years after Christmas sale at Ben Franklin and I got the burlap ribbons for 40% off at their Black Friday sale. I think I've collected enough ornaments, so no more shopping for those. I love how our tree looked this year, so it looks like we'll be using the same one next year.

Unfortunately we don't have a chimney to hang our stockings, but our TV stand did the job :)

My bf had me write out my Christmas Wish list since he needed a little help this year and I had him do the same. I got almost all of the things I had on my list except the MK tote since they sold out of it. It's ok though, because he still managed to surprise me with some SpaFinder gift cards and the perfume I really wanted. Undies for days, Lash Stash from Sephora, Third Season of the Vampire Diaries, Flawless perfume, SpaFinder gift cards, and a Naked2 palette...I am definitely one happy girl :) I didn't expect him to get all these things for me since making the list was just to give him an idea of what I wanted, but I am truly grateful for everything he has given me.

And since everyone else knows how much I love my makeup, my sister and her bf got me the Lorac Eye Candy Full Face Collection that I cannot wait to try out. Bestie James got me a Hello Kitty Brush Set and my cousin Cherry got me Stila In The Know Eyeshadow Palette. I can't wait to play with all of these! Next year, I might have everyone buy me a single MAC brush each as a gift so I can get a full collection :P jk, although it wouldn't be a bad idea.


Anonymous said...

Wooww.. You got some really amazing gifts and the Christmas tree looks so pretty!
Lovely post, enjoyed reading it! =)


Thank you so much!

Fannie said...

Hi Kristel, you got some amazing gifts for Christmas! I also love your Christmas tree and the stockings hanging on the tv stand are so cute.

Miss Tapia said...

So cute! Love your decorations. You got LOTS of great stuff! said...

wonderful pics :)

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Deriniti said...

Hi! I'm a new follower, hope you will follow me back on my blog! : )

BeautyBehaved said...

hey girl
i know we follow eachother on fb but i wanted to let you know im getting back into blogging and i missed your blog.
i hope you continue to follow now that im back<3