Tuesday, July 24, 2012


A couple of weeks ago e.l.f. had their anniversary, so everything on their website were 50% off. I've been waiting for this opportunity to get a hold of a few of their mineral lipstick since I'm in love with the only one I have in "Rich Raspberry". A few turned into 9, then my sister wanted me to order some stuff for her, so I added 2 more mineral lippies to her order since there was a couple that I really wanted to try. Now that I have 12 out of the 18 they have, I'm hoping to get the rest the next time they have another 50% off deal. Why pay the full price when you can get it half off right? Stay tuned for swatches!


Katherine Tealeaf said...

:D Lovely haul! Hope your get the last 6 soon haha!


Thanks love! I realize I might also love the last 6 I didn't get lol.