Sunday, June 26, 2011


I've been searching around for a really great brush holder. I've tried those Sephora inspired ones, but I really didn't like how the fillers took up a lot of space. So I've been waiting around for e.l.f. to have another 50% off so I could buy their $15 brush holder until I came across the exact same thing, well minus the logo, at Walmart for around $6. Now that's better than having to pay $7.50 + Shipping costs ;] I love love love it!


JC ♔ said...

Omg that's so cute. I had no idea Walmart carried something like that.

Nikki said...

I have this same brush holder! I did a vid on it and everything. Can't beat $6! I love the sleek, black look :). Your brushes look great!

Lisa said...

Oh yay, you're from Maui :D Thanks for following ;) Love the makeup looks. Keep them coming. What part of Maui are you from?